DIY… Supermarket T-shirt Bags

HELLOOOOOO! It has been toooooo long. You know it’s been too long when you have to try 3 different passwords to log into WordPress. But hey, I’m here now and I come bearing a DIY. But before we get started on that I thought I’d catch you up a bit. We are MOVING! And I am the MOST excited, hence all the caps lock. Remember my last post from about 6 months ago saying how I have a new job etc blah blah blah. Well I did my time there and that’s all I have to say on that subject. I have 2 weeks left of it then one more week till the move. Where are we moving you ask? Easton, Pa. A nice sized town on the east coast. We visited said town last month and were only there a day but that’s all it took for my husband to talk me into it. I do have a job prospect but at this moment no living arrangement so keep your fingers crossed on that front. I could go on and on about this move and the reasons why but I’ll spare you some negativity and jump on into the DIY I promised. Here we go…

DIY supermarket bags from tshirts your husband got for Christmas but you washed them on hot and they’ve shrunk and are now crop tops on your 6 foot 2 significant other.
Let’s get started

First things first, decide what you want to print on the bag. I sat with my husbands computer for a good hour trying to figure out how to make a word the right size and print the right direction etc etc until he finally grabbed it from me and did it in about 5 mins. So anyways print out some words you like then with your handy dandy xacto knife cut out said words leaving you with a nice stencil. I used card stock for the paper so it’d be a little more sturdy while painting. Now take your tshirt and cut off the sleeves and a good sized circle off the neckline. Now put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt so the paint doesn’t bleed through. notice in the picture I’ve got it facing arm hole up. That way when I carry the bag the print will be towards the front greeting the world. Then tape your stencil on.

Now paint. I used a makeup sponge and sponged on a nice light blue all over with full coverage then sponged a lovely orange on for lighter coverage. I was going for a spacey sort of feel. The next set of pictures are of a different bag, I made 3 total. Just that ones paint was dry enough for the next steps. Kind of like on tv when they mix a cake batter then turn around and pull a finished cake out of the oven. Anyways, next cut off the bottom band of the tshirt. (by the way I got the inspiration on how to close the bottom of the bag from Honestly WTF but did mine a little different for as when I tried their method it just didn’t turn out quite how I wanted it.) now cut that bottom band in half for 2 long strips. Then I thought of the shirts in halves. I cut 7 tiny holes spaced along each half about an inch from the bottom of the shirt. Cut the hole tiny. I just did little snips. Remember tshirts are stretchy and it’s easy to overdo it.

Next I took one of my bottom strips and weaves it through one of the “halves” 7 holes, cinched it tightly and tied a knot. Then repeat on the other side. Now knot your two knots together. You will now have 4 pieces of fringe. I cut each piece into 3, Because I’m a fringe addict, just ask my haircut for the last 10 years. Ok now you are done. Easy huh? No sewing. Fun painting. Saving the earth. What more could you want. I made 3 total but will probably make one more. I do a lot of grocery shopping. Anyways go try out your new bag.!


The Velvet Bow


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