What I’m up to… Hello!

Hey y’all, i dropped off the face of the earth, if you hadn’t noticed. And if you have, never fear I’m back. My previous employment took up 90% of my life. I couldn’t take it anymore and as a result found a new job as a professional knitting machine operator or a “blanket lady”. Go google the blanket lady. Especially if you like babies. I may elaborate more on this situation at a later date but for now let’s just say I’m very grateful to be doing something career wise that’s pro my sanity and happiness.

We also got a kitten. She fits in wonderfully with all the babies and is known as Elizabeth “Lemon” Freed.

That’s about it for now. But I will say, with this new employment comes a different set of hours. I have weekends and evenings free now. Which leaves me some time for important endeavors like crafting and what not. So expect a lot more out of me from here on out. Thank you.

The Velvet Bow



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