Get Pretty… Warby Parker

Sooooooooo, for Christmas, my inlaws gave me a Warby Parker gift card! I was sooooooooo pumped, because I’ve been wandering/squinting around this planet half blind for about 2 years now (seems like just yesterday, penny was a puppy and ate my glasses.). But now, ooooooo Lordy I can see! It’s the craziest thing, anywhere I stand in the kitchen where I work I can read the clock on the wall, used to I’d have to stand under it, squint, and eventually just ask someone what time it was. No more, mo ma am. I can see at last!

Anyways, if you’re not familiar with the greatness that is Warby Parker, let me fill you in. Any pair, frames AND perscription lenses (polycarbonate) for 95$. That’s a steal my friends. Not to mention for every pair you buy, they give a pair to someone in need. AND they do “at home trials”. They send you five pairs for five days, free shipping both ways, you pick your favorite pair, then they send them to you all ready and new and vision clearing. It’s fantastic! I really enjoyed the experience and had a seriously hard time picking. I picked my favorite/most comfortable pair and I am in lurve with them even though I was told they give me a slight witch nose shadow effect. I don’t care. I love them no matter what. Anyways. Here’s some pics from the whole thing.

My at home trial! Did I mention, they pay for all shipping, and said shipping is express 2day, so they wait for them to come was almost bearable.

Here’s me in my favorite 4. One pair was far too “Harry Potter” for me to even show y’all.

And drum roll please….the ones I picked!

And I love them to pieces


One Response to “Get Pretty… Warby Parker”
  1. Love the new look! And such a great cause. . .

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