DIY…Fancy Notebook

Good morning! I wish y’all could hear the voice I used to say that. Anyways, I’ve got some things going on in my life right now that I’d appreciate if y’all would cross your fingers for, musical things, such as being in the running for recording the jingle for Target groceries (I want to tell y’all the cutesy food lyrics they sent to use to use but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to), AND my husband and I signing a licensing contract with a company is sending our music to ABC, they said in the email, they think our stuff would be “perfect” for it. Their word not mine hah. But here’s hopin, so send us good vibes and crossed fingers. I swear 2011 may just be our year for better luck, last year being our year for crap luck. But enough about me. let’s pretty up some stuff.

As I said, my bestie B is engaged! So I decorated a plain ol boring composition notebook for her to make a million wedding notes and lists in. You can do it with whatever you want but I’ll show you what all I used.

1. I started with a composition notebook, some lace trim, hot glue, gold glitter paper that’s adhesive on one side, scissors, and a book titled “encyclopedia of cats”. 2. I looked for hours at the cat book of knowledge till I found the most B like cats. 3. Then I hot glued the cat pictures to each cover. 4. Then I cut out some gold glitter chevron shapes from my gold glitter paper.

1. Then I stuck those bad boys on there in an eye pleasing manner. 2. And then I glued card stock to each inside cover and trimmed around the edges. .3. Finally I glued some lace trim to each side on the binding edge. 4. Finally I was done and sufficiently satisfied with the cute factor so I mailed it off.
Like I said, this project is easy as pie and show your personal style to the world. Go decorate your life. Preferably with gold glitter paper.

I spent a good 16 hours or so knitting my long armed/torsoed husband a sweater and it’s done!



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