Where have I been?

Well, hello. I’m back from vacation. And by vacation, I mean a terrible eye infection that made it impossible to see. I kind of want to post a picture but I don’t want to upset anyone and I was told I looked disgusting. Or like sloth from the goonies. I’ll spare you the gory details. And instead, catch you up on my half blind craft endeavors. Its slightly comforting to know if I go blind, I can still make things.
Here’s a few of the goodies I gave my family for Christmas.

1. Chalkboard beer mugs for my brotherinlaw, Corey. 2. Nonslip gloves for Corey and my fatherinlaw, bill. 3. Infused vodka, cinnamon and blueberry, for bill. 4. Chalkboard spice jars for Corey and bill.

1. Knitted cable headband for my motherinlaw, Janet. 2. Chalkboard clipboard magnet to-do list thingys for Janet and my sisterinlaw, Rachel. 3. Screen printed initial totes for Rachel, Janet, and my mother, debi. 4. Wooden triangle bookstand my husband made for his mother.

A few of the goodies my family gave to me…

1. One inch necklace. 2. Warby Parker gift card (more on this later). 3. New Nikon! 4. Bag I really really wanted.

1. Adorable owl. 2. Harry Potter Scene It. 3. Beautiful sweater from Urban Outfitters. 4. Lovely skirt from Free People.
It was a fantastic Christmas and I loved every minute of it. Literally the most enjoyable Christmas experience I’ve ever had and I give part credit to the fact that there was three puppy dogs clamoring around in pajamas.

Also over the holidays, my very best friend, B, got engaged!!!!! Which means there will be a massive amount of wedding diys and tips for being the best matron of honor ever did exist. In fact, B has wedding mail coming her way as we speak!

1. Wood burned sign of their names. 2. Pom pom garland . 3. Decorated notebook to make lots of wedding lists in, DIY for this maybe on Thursday, probably. 4. Tulle necklace. To match her needs for the perfect pale pink tulle tea length dress.

Also since the holidays were through, I’ve been knitting and sewing up a storm and here are a few things I’ve made.

1. Sweater and cable knit skirt from the same yarn, from pattern. 2. Houndstooth knit skirt, original, by me! 3. Sequin circle skirt made exactly like my DIY velvet circle skirt. 4. Something I have on my needles now. Not too sure about it but it may be an Aztec print skirt.

Welp, I feel like that catches you up pretty well. Sorry I’ve been gone but I’m back.


One Response to “Where have I been?”
  1. Cora says:

    I want a sparkle skirt!!

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