DIY… Fridge Makeover for Renters

Hi! How’s it goin? Good good. Ok lets just dive in. This ones an easy one. You’re a renter, you hate your boring plain white fridge. What do you do? Decorate it of course! This project uses painter’s tape, because it comes off clean and easy. You can get pretty creative. Any design you want. … Continue reading

I enjoy… Measuring Tapes

Ever since I got my “one inch” necklace for Christmas, I’ve been slightly obsessed with sewing paraphanellia in my life. Which led me to Etsy search for tape measures. And so I picked out my favorite things and here they are. Enjoy. Purse set $44. Watch in white $20. They have more colors too! Felt … Continue reading

Get Pretty… Warby Parker

Sooooooooo, for Christmas, my inlaws gave me a Warby Parker gift card! I was sooooooooo pumped, because I’ve been wandering/squinting around this planet half blind for about 2 years now (seems like just yesterday, penny was a puppy and ate my glasses.). But now, ooooooo Lordy I can see! It’s the craziest thing, anywhere I … Continue reading

DIY…Fancy Notebook

Good morning! I wish y’all could hear the voice I used to say that. Anyways, I’ve got some things going on in my life right now that I’d appreciate if y’all would cross your fingers for, musical things, such as being in the running for recording the jingle for Target groceries (I want to tell … Continue reading

Yummies… Crockpot Lasagna

So, night before last I made dinner. I was cruising pinterest earlier that day and saw a delicious looking pin for Crockpot Lasagna and got all kinds of hungry. I did stray from her recipe just a bit in the way I just used mozzarella and no ricotta, my husband hates ricotta and that’s fine … Continue reading

Where have I been?

Well, hello. I’m back from vacation. And by vacation, I mean a terrible eye infection that made it impossible to see. I kind of want to post a picture but I don’t want to upset anyone and I was told I looked disgusting. Or like sloth from the goonies. I’ll spare you the gory details. … Continue reading