I want…Gift Giving $50-$100

Hi again. Time for this week’s Gift Giving. This time around $50-$100. Let’s just dive right in. We’ll do this shortest to tallest today.
First up, this Honeybake Baking Set is adorable so give it to someone adorable and teach them early the joys of baking. The main joy being eating those delicious baked goods.

Speaking of delicious things, who doesn’t want a 5lb chocolate bar, except me (allergic to chocolate…yes pity my misfortune)

Ok, let’s get a little taller now…and fancier. Must have Marc Jacobs Turnlock Katie Bracelet . That was said like a caveman. I can’t help saying it that way. That’s just how it comes out my mouth, friends.

What’s that you say? A certain someone wants something sparkly, you say? Me too! Get them, me, this lovely Herkimer Diamond Ring.

And now, for something comfy. Help your loved one sleep cozy on a new mattress topper. Plus side, if you get this for the ol ball and chain, you also will be sleeping cozy before you know it.

Which brings us to the Weems Stormglass Forecaster. This is really neat, something my husband would think is neat too. Th crystals inside show upcoming weather changes. Sounds pretty cool to me.

Whelp, that about does it for this week’s Gift Giving. Next week, $100-$200!


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