DIY…Velvet Circle Skirt


It’s snowing! I can’t believe we made it almost entirely through November without snow, but it’s here now. I love the first snow, so white and purdy. But in a month or so I’ll be ready for it to leave so until then, let it snow! Anyways, the reason we are all here, a tutorial! I whipped up a quick velvet circle skirt and now you can too. Let’s get going…
Get yourself a nice square of velvet, mine measured 50inches x 50inches. You’ll also need a tape measure, black thread, black 2inch wide elastic, tailors chalk, scissors, and your handy dandy sewing machine. Ok so fold the velvet square in half then in half again. Then, using your measuring tape as a guide (I just held the end at the top fold corner, the one with no raw edges, then with my other hand held it at 20inches and marked it all the way across making a little semi circle) mark with the tailors chalk where you’ll be making your cut (20inches is a good length for me but you may want longer or shorter). Now cut where you marked. Then, at the top fold corner I just kind of cut a little off at a time, for 2 reasons, 1 I’m terrible at trying to do a math equation for the cut and 2 the velvet I got is very stretchy so a cut might end up being way bigger than I need if I’m not careful. Seriously folks, you can always cut more but you can’t cut less so be careful. Pick it up after each cut and hold it up to your waist to make sure you’re on the right track, only cutting a tiny bit at time. Ok when your satisfied, cut a piece of your elastic about 2inches smaller than your waist and sew it at the ends for a waist band. Now pin the skirt to the inside of the elastic and sew it on. When I do this I hold the elastic/fabric pretty well stretched out so the stitches have some give for the task of going over my hips. And now, your done. This skirt is quick and dirty because you really don’t have to hem or “finish” anything, velvet doesn’t fray. Yeah, quick and dirty. So, go put on your new skirt and spin in a circle, trust me, it’s fun. Heres a nice little pictorial type guide for ya by the way. Happy sewing!


Ps. Im not very musically hip, but I’m going to try to include a song to listen to every now and then. Today’s is Apathy & Excess by Psuedosix. It came on as soon as I got the skirt on and was, to me, a good velvet skirt wearing song. Enjoy.

*out my bedroom window this winter morn.

2 Responses to “DIY…Velvet Circle Skirt”
  1. clovebud says:

    Nice! Quick and dirty is basically my motto for how I like to sew most of the time, lmao. Anyways, I’m about to make a skirt/dress with a poly/spandex/rayon type fabric and I’m using your tutorial as my guideline for the skirt part. Ill make sure to link back to you, no worries. 🙂 thanks for the inspiration! ;p

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