I enjoy…Tattoos

Why yes, I am already thinking about my birthday in February. And I know what I want! A new tattoo! Well new over an old rather. I have a nice little chest piece already, ships and a dragon, but as time goes on I’m not a fan of it anymore. So I want a cover up of the crafty persuasion. I’m thinking a nice collage of sewing, knitting, and general craft materials… Here’s some inspiration in that sect.





I think if I start designing and saving now I’ll be ready come February. How exciting!

2 Responses to “I enjoy…Tattoos”
  1. Cora says:

    Great idea! I spy Elsie at the bottom! I actually have an appointment in February for a half sleeve!!!

  2. When I get done with my dollardress project I am getting my first tattoo to celebrate. It’s going to be something crafty to remember my year of over committing to a project I never had time for. Five more dresses to go! I’d love to see what you get come feburary.

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