I want… Gift Giving $20-$50

Hey y’all, back again this Monday for round 2 of gift giving. This week it’s $20-$50 for man, woman, and child…so let’s get going.
First, for the precious babe in your life, a little art. This is adorable, and smart, and has a narwhal…

Let’s move on to the men in your life. I love these classy stone shot glasses, very rugged and manly. Would make a great gift paired with the receiver’s favorite bottle of whiskey or what have you.

That man in your life, if he’s not stuck in his bearded ways, might also enjoy a good shave. I was toying around with the idea of making homemade shave soap for a few of my in-laws this year and a good shaving mug would come in handy. Don’t forget to also purchase a brush!

Now the ladies…give me this initial bangle! It already has a “J” for me and everything.

Ok, last but not least… Did you get your daughter, sister, wife, mother, etc one of those new fancy touch screen electronic devises this holiday season? Well if so, you should probably get her a pair of these functional and fashionable touch screen gloves. They have a special knit section on the fingers to conduct your body’s whatwhosits to the fancy science screen, I’m real good with technology as you can tell from my knowledgable diction. Anyways, I need me a pair for sure.


Well, that about wraps it up, get it, presents, wrapping. Yeah, check back next Monday for “I want…Gift Giving $50-$100”.


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