DIY… Reversible Detached Collar

As promised, circa Tuesday’s I Enjoy… post, a detachable collar DIY. And it’s reversible, even better.
Ok go gather up some supplies.

Get a measuring tape ( I didn’t actually use mine), 2 pieces of fabric with different colors or prints (mine were remnants of sheets), scissors, pins, paper, a pen, sewing machine, needle and thread, and some sort of closure (hook and eye is good).
Now lay a shirt, that has a good versatile neckline down and trace out the shape.

Then draw out the collar shape you want. Go on pinterest and search collars before deciding on a shape. Keep in mind hems so make it a little bigger than your finished product. I went peter pan with mine. Cut out your collar shape and pin it to a piece of fabric folded over so when you cut, you get two.

Do the same with the other fabric. Then with right sides together, pin the contrasting fabrics together leaving a small opening at the back, to turn it right side out.

Sew around the edges, finishing with a zig zag stitch. Use the opening you left to help turn each piece right side out then press them good and hard that way. You can now close the opening at the top however you see fit. I hand sewed it closed then went over with the machine in a zig zag.

Now tack the front closed. Maybe add a button or leave it simple as I did for an option of wearing different pins.

Now sew the hook and eye on the back and you’re done!

And it’s reversible!


One Response to “DIY… Reversible Detached Collar”
  1. Maud says:

    could you post a digital version of the pattern you used? or email it to me if it’s no bother (

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