I want…Gift Giving $1-$20

I am a firm believer in giving home made with love gifts whenever there’s opportunity. But I realize that sometimes there’s no time to sit down and knit someone a sweater. So here’s a little gift giving inspiration in 5 week form. Every Monday I’ll give you a hefty round of presents for every one you love, each week increasing in monetary value. This week…UNDER $20! Yeah, cheap. Like my usual budget.

Am I alone in wanting baker’s twine this year? I should think not. I don’t know what exactly I’d use it for but I have about ten million possibilities swimming around in my head.

Mmmm I love this stuff… My mother used it when I was little. Everything Crabtree and Evelyn is amazing by the way, but this in particular is a mom-pleaser.

Snow brick maker…Are you kidding me?! This would come in handy the second you open it!

As would a nice snow ball maker.

My mother-in-law gives ornaments every year as gifts. And I love receiving them. She should check out the ones at Anthropologie this year they’re all sooooooooo cute, but I think the narwhal is my favorite.
Well, kids, there you have it. Next Monday there’ll be more.. $20-$50.

One Response to “I want…Gift Giving $1-$20”
  1. Use the Baker’s twine for ribbon wrapping your presents!!

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