Get Pretty…Yoga

Beauty is many things, outside appearance, health, peaceful mind, confidence, etc etc. One thing I’ve found helps me be well rounded in the beauty realm is Yoga, Pilates, and a good combination of stretching my body and lungs while calming my racing brain in general. So let’s make a pact…starting today(!)…give yourself a quiet moment to stretch your soul and body once a day for exactly the next week. This particular plan I found on tumblr has a tagline of “hold each pose for one min each and you’ll feel great afterward”. Hey, I want to feel great. I’m in! Let’s check in next Friday and tell me how you feel, and if you are now, it’s probably going to happen, addicted to treating your body well.


Ps. If these particular poses look a bit daunting (I personally cannot touch my forehead to my knees like the first one, don’t push yourself) or maybe even not enough, YouTube “Beginners Yoga” and find something a little more your pace. There’s millions of videos to get you started.


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