DIY…Puppy Bed

My coworker, Helen, is a crafter. She was telling me the other day about double layer dog beds she was making out of towels and cedar shavings. I, too, have tried my hand at dog beds but my furry baby has grown out of the tiny bed she used as a puppy, so with the help of Helen I made her a new bed. One she seems to already love…

So, go get yourself a big ol piece of material, I used a flannel sheet I already had that had holes in one end, Helen used towels. Also get yourself from somewhere a giant trash bag of cedar shavings, mine was supplied by Helen who’s husband has a wood shop in their garage. Oh and you need a sewing machine. You could do this by hand but you want it good and sturdy so a machine is a better choice. By the way, cedar shavings repel bugs, like fleas.. nice, but are harmful to small animal lungs. Be careful if you have a bunny during all this. I also used the help of my lovely assistant, Penny.


Ok so lay out your fabric and cut a pice that’s about 60x30inches. Fold it in half like a hot dog then sew up the exact middle.


Next, sew up the long open side … I’ve been putting my tape where you should sew .


I did a zig zag over my initial stitches for durability.


Now stuff one open end with cedar shavings then sew it up.


Then, turn the other end right side out over the stuffed end so it’s double layered. Finish it off by sewing it up. You cand fold it in on itself or just fold it over or you could even use some fancy notions and decorate the edge wi ric rac or lace or tassels or whatever.. Be creative


Now give it to your doggy and let them get comfy.

Or have them not sit still for a picture cause she’s too busy stomping all over it to make it just right.

One Response to “DIY…Puppy Bed”
  1. Tyanne says:

    I will be trying this for sure. So easy!

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