What I’m up to… Old Purse Knitted Up Fancy Facelift

It all started two Mays ago, when my husband gave me the best bag in all the world as a wedding present. I carried it till now…now that all the stuffing mess has fallen out the handles and there’s a mysterious hole in the lining, that I cannot for the life of me find, imprisoning a tiny bottle of Jameson that I got at a baby shower recently (I fear being pulled over and the cop will find my tiny bar and throw me in jail for some reason). Anyways, i need a new purse. So, I’m taking an old one that is in poor shape and revamping it…covering it in knitting and somehow (?) making new handles… Hopefully with some chain. Here’s so far


By the way, a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening is in pj’s with a tub of cookie dough, some yarn, and dvr.


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