DIY…Jute Washcloth


Ok folks, DIY time! It’s time for you to learn to knit. And knit you shall a very easy jute washcloth. So first off hop on over to the store and buy a skien of jute and size US9 knitting needles. Now cast on (click on the links for videos that will learn you how to knit just as I was learned oh so many years ago) 10 stitches. Now knit for 15 rows or so till you get a square. Finally bind off and when you get to the end, cut the yarn and thread it through the lat loop so it won’t unravel. Then just weave the tails of yarn into your project and your done! This washcloth is great for scrubbing pots and pans, cleaning your bathroom, or even for a good exfoliating session during the cold winter months. There ya have it. Not only have you a scrubby wonder but the very building blocks of knitting.

One Response to “DIY…Jute Washcloth”
  1. SWEET! I’m gonna make some! These would make great holiday gifts too!

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