Yummies…Rice Krispies Cookies

HOLY MOLY, these make me want to cry they look so good. My next day off from work is Friday, and mark my words, I WILL be making these. Get ready coworkers, Saturday just may be cookie day… “Rice Krispies Cookies Yields: 15 large cookies Adapted from here. 2 1/4 cups flour 1 tsp. baking … Continue reading

I enjoy…Tattoos

Why yes, I am already thinking about my birthday in February. And I know what I want! A new tattoo! Well new over an old rather. I have a nice little chest piece already, ships and a dragon, but as time goes on I’m not a fan of it anymore. So I want a cover … Continue reading

What I’m up to… DIY Wrapping Paper

I want… Gift Giving $20-$50

Hey y’all, back again this Monday for round 2 of gift giving. This week it’s $20-$50 for man, woman, and child…so let’s get going. First, for the precious babe in your life, a little art. This is adorable, and smart, and has a narwhal… Let’s move on to the men in your life. I love … Continue reading

DIY… Reversible Detached Collar

As promised, circa Tuesday’s I Enjoy… post, a detachable collar DIY. And it’s reversible, even better. Ok go gather up some supplies. Get a measuring tape ( I didn’t actually use mine), 2 pieces of fabric with different colors or prints (mine were remnants of sheets), scissors, pins, paper, a pen, sewing machine, needle and … Continue reading

Yummies… Crockpot Creme Brulee

I know. I know. The holidays are generally for pumpkiny sweets. But I’m prepared to fight that stereotype. Introducing… Creme Brulee for thanksgiving! Now I just have to find my crockpot…. “The Ingredients: –2 cups heavy cream –5 egg yolks –1/2 cup sugar (baker’s or fine sugar is better so the granules disappear) –1 T … Continue reading

What I’m up to…Easy Snowflake Garland DIY

Whooo hoooo, it’s Thanksgiving break time and I’m getting festive! I’m taking today to turn my home into a winter wonderland of paper snow almost as good as Buddy the Elf. *map tree tutorial at Maryjanes and Galoshes Here’s a quick DIY for a snowflake garland courtesy of yours truly. A few notes…the roll of … Continue reading

I enjoy…Detachable Collars

I love a good collar and these detachable ones are heavenly. They add adorable to any outfit and even some warmth in the winter ahead. Maybe this thursday we’ll do a DIY for one… *all images found on Pinterest

I want…Gift Giving $1-$20

I am a firm believer in giving home made with love gifts whenever there’s opportunity. But I realize that sometimes there’s no time to sit down and knit someone a sweater. So here’s a little gift giving inspiration in 5 week form. Every Monday I’ll give you a hefty round of presents for every one … Continue reading

Get Pretty…Yoga

Beauty is many things, outside appearance, health, peaceful mind, confidence, etc etc. One thing I’ve found helps me be well rounded in the beauty realm is Yoga, Pilates, and a good combination of stretching my body and lungs while calming my racing brain in general. So let’s make a pact…starting today(!)…give yourself a quiet moment … Continue reading