Get pretty…The Beauty Department

This weeks beauty post comes from The Beauty Department ( one of my new favorite blogs). Good job, Lauren Conrad, good job. She’s behind this I don’t know too much about her other than the whole tv show thing and I was/am not a big fan of said show but the heaven sent beauty blog has me on the Lauren Conrad fan list. Along with hair guru Kristen Ess and makeup artist Amy Nadine, these three ladies give a wealth of beauty knowledge to “anyone who’s ever had a beauty question or gotten into a fight with a hair brush and lost”. Hey, that’s me! (if I had a nickel for every round brush my mother cut out of my hair…) Anyways, I’ve scoured this site and am bringing you my top three posts from it in no particular order.

I LOVE this… LOVE. Granted, I have massive bangs, so you don’t really see my eyebrows. But knowing they’re under those bangs looking so good makes me feel fancy.

I LOVE this too. I have a hard time, being a ginger and all, figuring out what makeup palates work best for my coloring…and it’s brown and copper for the win.

This is just incredibly informative. AND they have the same helpful brand of guides for makeup brushes. I feel so educated now.

So go, spend some time getting to know this illuminating and instructive blog… The Beauty Department .

Xo, the velvet bow.



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