I want…An Etsy Kitchen

I am drawn to girly things. Lace and kittens. Pure and simple. My husband however is not. And so we come to our biggest source of conflict…things we own being unisex. (I think pastels are manly apparently, while he does not.) So I’m always on the look out for true unisex items for our home. Here are a few I have on my wish list…

I’d like to entertain more and this gem would make that happen. A vintage 50s danish modern ernest sohn ceramic chaffing dish sure would keep some spinach dip warm and classy at the same time.


At this exact moment, I cannot think of anything in the kitchen I need to weigh. But if I ever did, i’d be ready with this Vintage Black Climax Kitchen Scale . I just love it and probably need it.


No better way to start your day than being elbowed and asked “make coffee?”. Well get up and make it in style. I love this Mechanical Russian coffee grinder from the USSR . And you could possibly consider the grinding of the beans a nice brisk morning workout.


Speaking of coffee, I love a good mug collection and love a good shelf to display said collection even more. I neeeeeeeed this.


Let’s just go ahead and make this part of an on going Christmas list. Write that down.


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