I want…J. Crew

I want and That is all. Advertisements

Get pretty…The Beauty Department

This weeks beauty post comes from The Beauty Department ( one of my new favorite blogs). Good job, Lauren Conrad, good job. She’s behind this blog..now I don’t know too much about her other than the whole tv show thing and I was/am not a big fan of said show but the heaven sent beauty … Continue reading

DIY…shorts aint just for summer, draft your own pattern

I’ll say it again, shorts ain’t just for summer. I personally don’t really wear pants which can get pretty tough in the northern winters. What’s my secret, well it’s no secret…Tights. I am addicted to shorts with tights. But what do I do when it’s winter and my favorite stores have their shorts in short … Continue reading

Yummies…Blackberry Punch

Want something yummy to sip on at this years Halloween party? Me too! But I’m sorry…I have to say it…I’m all pumpkined out. I crave something fall however so it’s blackberries to the rescue. This sounds almost too yummy. Happy fall y’all. Photos by Elle G. Photography for Valley & Co. Mr. Valley’s Blackberry Punch … Continue reading

I enjoy…Vintage Halloween

Creepy Pinterest.

I want…An Etsy Kitchen

I am drawn to girly things. Lace and kittens. Pure and simple. My husband however is not. And so we come to our biggest source of conflict…things we own being unisex. (I think pastels are manly apparently, while he does not.) So I’m always on the look out for true unisex items for our home. … Continue reading

Get pretty…Galaxy Nails

Right now, I lURV galaxy nails. So give it a try…here’s a nice video tutorial that can get you going in no time. So go…get pretty.

What you can expect from me…

So… I’m ready willing and able to tickle your crafty fancy if you’ll let me. How? You ask. Well here’s how…

This is Halloween

So for Halloween this year, I’m being an owl. Hooooooot! I got this awesome tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. Now what should my husband be?

Virgin suicides

I enjoy the colors.